Vectra 3D


Vectra is a complete 3D imaging solution for facial, breast, and body procedures. It allows real 3D simulation of surgery, as well as comparing before & after results. For breast augmentation, Vectra allows you to see results with specific implants from all angles, with or without a bathing suit.

Vectra 3D

How Does Vectra 3D Work?

The Vectra 3D machine is integrated with multiple cameras that can capture pictures of you from different angles. This collection of images allows Vectra 3D to create a virtual image of your body. During the consultation, the virtual image is used to plan your cosmetic procedure and help you visualize the possible results.

The assistance that Vectra 3D can provide greatly helps in reassuring patients of the decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure. It is important to remember that tissue quality and the healing process can still affect results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Vectra 3D?

The Vectra 3D machine is safe and effective for most healthy individuals who want better visualization before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Since the machine utilizes cameras, there are no known risks or complications from the device.

How Is Vectra 3D Used During My Consultation?

The consultation will begin with a Vectra 3D imaging session. After processing the initial virtual image, the figure will then be adjusted according to your aesthetic goals. This projection can help you gain confidence in the procedure and set realistic expectations.

Your appearance goals and complete medical history will also be discussed to determine your eligibility for the procedure. Lab tests may be required.

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To learn more about Vectra 3D imaging in Syracuse, contact us at 315.446.8313 and schedule a consultation. Dr. Branson will be happy to assist you in visualizing possible procedure results.

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