Exosome (Stem Cell) Therapy: Therapeutic

This treatment is a new evolution.  Exosome is the extension a new paradigm, focusing on natural improvement and regeneration in your life. Exosomes build on the experience with injections of chorionic tissue.  Exosome therapy can address both cosmetic and therapeutic concerns.  The early experience has been encouraging, but treatment parameters and results are still evolving.

Exosomes: What are they?

Exosomes are created by stem cells.  They represent the “business” part of a stem cell.  It is a “message in a bottle,” transferring information to other cells.  For these treatments, stem cells are harvested from placental tissue donated from c-sections.  The cells are cultured, with the exosomes collected and processed. Each milliliter of the material I use contains approximately 10 billion exosomes.  This is the equivalent of about 10 million stem cells.

The Treatment

To date, treatment has been by local or intravenous injection, using 1 cc, 2 cc, or 5 cc of exosomes. Like the chorion injections used for the injectable facelift, the exosomes stimulate repair, but more rapidly than the chorion injection.  Due to their microscopic size, exosomes can be injected using the same tiny needle used for insulin. 

Migraine: Similar to Botox, injections are placed at the migraine trigger points.  In a patient 75% migraine days with 3-4 migraines per day while on Botox, exosome treatment resulted in 13% migraine days, with only 1 headache per day. While the maximum relief lasted 2.5-3 months, migraine days increased to “only” 30-35%.

Arthritis: Exosomes appear to target inflammation. Relief has been obtained by both local injection & intravenous dosing

Parkinson’s: Dosed intravenously, immediate reduction in tremor was noted.  Over time, continued improvement was observed in dyskinesia, bradykinesia, and pain.

Dementia: The father of a nurse transitioned from being unable to care for himself, not recognizing his daughter, to feeding and dressing himself, calling his daughter at home.


Aside from the risk with any injection, the effect of exosomes on tumor cells is unknown.  Equal arguments can be made for exosomes stimulating cancer, suppressing cancer, or having no effect.  With local injections, unless there are tumor cells present in the area, I believe the risk is small.  For someone with either a personal or a strong family history of cancer, you need to be very thoughtful as you contemplate treatment.

Your Decision

While I am excited about the results I’ve seen with this treatment, this is NOT yet a widely accepted therapy.

You must feel comfortable with your decision for treatment, balancing your potential benefits against the risk of treatment, including the chance that it may not meet your expectation.  More than one treatment may be needed. 

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