Non-Surgical Facelift

Our non-surgical facelift in Syracuse is a new evolution.  It follows a new paradigm, focused on dynamic improvement in your appearance.  Rather than improving just your still image, I wish to focus on restoring a dynamic, natural, youthful you.


“I suppose the best compliment you can give a surgeon is referrals and returning for more. I had a few procedures eight years ago and will visit again this year. I travel from the South to see Dr Branson. He is always learning new technology and techniques and I believe is a leader in esthetic surgical renewal (ahead of his time) My colleagues in Los Angeles (botoxed stiff) could only say how well rested I looked and that my skin was radiant. They had no clue of all that was done. And that’s just what I wanted. Can’t say enough great things about Dr Branson’s work.”

The Treatment

For comfort, treatment is usually done using an anesthetic similar to going to the dentist.  You will have some puffiness and some bruising.  There is not a great deal of recovery required, and most patients feel comfortable going out the next day, though only for non-essential social events.

Where and Why do I Suggest this Treatment?

I consider this treatment in areas of higher dynamic activity: Your nasolabial folds (connecting your nose to the corner of your mouth-to-your chin), Deep lip lines, glabellar lines (“The 11’s”), crow’s feet, and the hollow beneath your eyes and cheek.

While the improvements may be subtle in photographs, the dynamic result, which is the true reflection of youth, is more pronounced.  Because it is a natural change, you are more likely to have friends and relatives, comment on your improved appearance, but without quite being able to identify what is different. 

For example, several patients have commented that their spouse was unsure about their treatment, but that they were now pleased with the results because they look much better, but did not look different. 

Another patient reported that each time her son came to visit, he commented that she was appearing younger, though she did not recognize the changes in her appearance until she saw the dramatic difference in her before and after photographs.


There are three ways to use this treatment: Just beneath your skin, injected into your skin, or mixed with another procedure. With rare exceptions, the treatment is done by injection.

Placed beneath your skin, my goal is to stimulate the restoration and repair of the network of blood vessels just below your skin, improving circulation to your skin.  By attracting migrating stem cells, the goal is for these stem cells to help restore the quality of the skin and surrounding support structures. 

Placed in your skin my goal is to stimulate repair of the skin with a more permanent, dynamic skin quality.  While I believe it may be helpful for general skin quality, the initially targeted treatments will be for deep lip lines, the glabellar “11’s,” and acne scars.  It may also play a role in treating acute inflammatory acne outbreaks associated with deep scars.

In combination with other treatments, the goal is to augment the results of treatment.  This is helpful in two ways: For grafting procedures, such as fat injection, or to help limit scarring either in sensitive patients or in those with a history of keloid.

For fat graft/injection patients, this treatment may be used three times: Before, during, or after fat injection.  Of the three, I believe that pre-treatment may provide the most benefit.  Pre-treatment will help increase the blood supply (angiogenesis) and the available stem cells for healing.  This can create a “more receptive” recipient site. 

During and after fat injection, the effects can be the same, but in terms of the biggest anticipated “bang for your buck,” I believe pre-treatment is preferred, but I have seen dramatic changes in volume when used a month after fat injection.

Your Decision

While I am excited about the results I’ve seen with this treatment, this is NOT yet a widely accepted therapy.  Based on other applications and experience to date, there do not appear to be any unusual risks of treatment.  Like any other treatment, risks include but are not limited to, bleeding, infection, scarring, and swelling at the treatment site.

You must feel comfortable with your decision for treatment, balancing your potential benefits against the risk of treatment, including the chance that it may not meet your expectation.  More than one treatment may be needed.  While I hope for a permanent result, you will continue to age, which means maintenance treatments will be necessary.

Non-surgical Facelift Procedure

Non-Surgical Facelift Cost

The price of a non-surgical facelift will depend on several factors.  The exact techniques utilized will play a role in determining the overall cost, as will the specific issues being addressed and the patient’s beauty goals.

Schedule a Consultation

Arranging a consultation at my office is the best way to learn more about the non-surgical facelift in Syracuse.  Contact us today to make your appointment.

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