Argon Plasma Skin Treatment

Plasma treatment can restore skin elasticity, increase skin thickness, and improve skin moisture1, which improves your appearance while at rest, but especially when you’re face is animated. Skin improvement is achieved without injury to your skin.


  • Plasma is a form of pure energy. While plasma creates light, it is not a laser.
  • Your recommended treatment will be based on your skin type and the nature of the desired improvement. While there is discomfort, typically, no anesthetic is needed.
  • You can think about a plasma-like painting. Improvement can be incremental: More treatments result in greater overall improvement.
  • Initially, you may see brief redness, usually only lasting minutes. With rare exceptions, you can go out to dinner immediately after treatment. There is a very small risk of a burn.
  • Skincare after treatment is similar to a mild sunburn: Cool compresses, gentle cleansing, and Aquaphor lubrication as needed.
  • While face & neck treatment is the most common, any area of your body can be treated.

Head shot portrait smiling woman touching perfect smooth face skinSkin Effects

For the degree of skin improvement possible, I believe plasma is the safest alternative available today.

While you may see immediate improvement, in the first days, you may see no change at all.

Fine lines may improve within the first week, but most changes develop over the next 3-6 months. Improvement can continue for up to 1 year. My research has shown up to 20% improvement in skin thickness, moisture, and elasticity.  Women on hormone-blocking treatment related to breast cancer treatment have found plasma help restore more normal skin moisture.

The changes in skin elasticity can be dramatic.  When treating the breast, I’ve seen the nipple move up almost an inch.  For the abdomen, a very fit mother of 3 in her 30s saw enough skin improvement that she was comfortable wearing a tankini 2-piece bathing suit.


Absolutely wonderful doctor and staff!! I truly felt like I was listened to and that my questions and opinions were taken seriously. Excellent practice.

Treatment/Combined Treatment

In general, a series of 3 treatments is recommended.  The decision on how many treatments is dynamic.  If you are happy with your result, additional treatment can be deferred.  Likewise, if you still want more, there is no limit to the number of treatments that can be performed.

In general, the result of any 1 treatment is permanent, but because we continue to age, maintenance treatments will be needed.  To date, some patients have yet to be re-treat, while others have chosen to have treatments done one or more times per year.  The results of several treatments will add to your result, especially for “age spots.”  There is no evidence to suggest that you can have “too much plasma.”

Quill threads are temporary sutures that create lift, giving direction to the tightening skin.  Treatment can be done with any plasma treatment.  Short term, there is some “bunching” of the skin in front of your ear.  A longer hairstyle can provide camouflage.

 1Research performed by Dr. Branson monitored 35 patients after single plasma treatment for 1 year.  Results were statistically significant (p=0.01-0.05).

How Much Does an Argon Plasma Skin Treatment Cost?

Dr. Branson will tailor your Argon Plasma Skin Treatment to your unique skin and treatment goals. After assessing your concerns and speaking with you about your desired results, Dr. Branson will develop a customized treatment plan for you. The details of your treatment, including the price, will then be reviewed with you.

Schedule a Consultation for an Argon Plasma Skin Treatment in Syracuse

Contact Denis F. Branson, MD today to schedule a consultation for your Argon Plasma Skin Treatment in Syracuse. We will take the time to guide you through the entire process, ensuring results that fully satisfy your aesthetic needs. Contact us today!

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