Regenerative Care


I have always favored natural treatments, working with your body to restore the best version of you possible.  Based on my research and experience, I believe these treatments represent the state of the art for natural, true youthful restoration.

The benefit of these treatments is they are truly natural, stimulating your body to become a better you.  The challenge is the range of aesthetic results are highly individualized, varying from patient to patient.

My standard of care for anything I do is to treat you as I would a member of my family.

Stem Cell Facelift

Feeling apprehensive about the concept of going under the knife for a surgical facelift? Try a non-surgical stem cell facelift for younger-looking skin. A stem cell facelift can bring back the elasticity, smoothness, and softness of your skin. It is an excellent way to improve fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and facial structure.

The treatment involves sampling cells from your fat tissues, blood, and bone marrow to produce a stem cell concentrate. This concentrate will be injected beneath the skin or into the skin.

Depending on the doctor’s recommendation, stem cell facelifts can also be combined with other treatments.

Argon Plasma Skin Treatment

Restoring skin elasticity, thickness, and moisture is easy thanks to argon plasma skin treatment. This state-of-the-art option uses argon plasma energy to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. It is safe and effective in reducing mild to moderate signs of aging.

Argon Plasma for Pain Relief

Argon plasma is an effective method of pain reduction. The PlasmaJet device ionizes argon gas and delivers it into the skin to provide relief from pain. It can address pain from lower-back issues, neck problems, shingles, complex regional pain syndrome, migraines, Raynaud’s Phenomena, dental braces, sinusitis, and other health conditions.


XO-Lift and XO-Hair are rejuvenating biologic-agent-based treatments that can help you address mild to moderate signs of aging and hair loss. These injectable treatments can create visible results in four weeks.

XO-Lift can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, hollowed undereyes or cheeks, the nasolabial folds, lip lines, glabellar lines, chin lines, and neck wrinkles.

XO-Hair can promote hair growth on the scalp and eyebrows. It is an effective treatment for thinning hair and can increase hair coverage.

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