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Skincare Syracuse

“Skin care is the simplest, least expensive way to maintain and enhance your appearance.”
“Optimized skin quality makes any other aesthetic treatment simpler and easier.”


My skin care recommendations are active rather than passive. Recommendations include:

Stimulation: Restore & maintain collagen.

Prevention: Slow skin aging by compulsive sun protection.

Avoidance: As little as 1 cigarette daily blocks renewed skin elasticity.

Balance: Control “age” spots.

Treatment: Any Age

Exfoliation is the basis for all other treatment. As part of your daily facial routine, using a gentle cleanser with fruit acid will loosen the outer dead skin layers of your skin.

Tretinoin (Retin-A®), a common acne remedy, stimulates your collagen, helping to reverse sun damage.

Daily sunscreen (SPF-15) is recommended. For outdoor activities, SPF-30 (or higher) should be used every 2 hours.

Treatment: Mature Skin

Skin “maturity” is relative. You begin to see more lines when you smile, and “age spots” appear.

Youthful women can have “mature” skin, just as “mature” women can have youthful skin.

I have found the Obagi skin care system is ideal, improving skin up to 60% (as documented by Visia® skin analysis).

Obagi incorporates basic skin care with prescription strength agents that help balance your skin color and stimulate your collagen.

Bottom line:

The Obagi system is the simplest, affordable aesthetic treatment that is as basic as cleaning your home.


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