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Plasma Skin Regeneration

Enhanced Result
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Turning Back the Clock

Plasma restores skin elasticity. Improved elasticity reduces wrinkles. Skin regeneration is achieved using a controlled injury to your skin, which causes new, more flexible collagen.

What is “Plasma?”

Plasma is a form of pure energy. While plasma creates light, it is not a laser.

Skin Effects

When treating skin, plasma’s effect on your skin is highly localized. For the degree of skin improvement possible, I believe plasma is the safest alternative available today.

You can think about plasma like painting: One “heavy” treatment or several “lighter” treatments. More dramatic results are possible with more power, but several treatments at lower power may offer a comparable result.

In the first days, you may see age spots diminish.

Fine lines may improve within the first week, but most changes develop over the next 6-12 weeks. Improvement can continue up to 1 year.

Plasma Treatment

Your recommended treatment will be based on your skin type, nature of desired improvement, and the recovery time you can tolerate.

Typically, only an anesthetic cream is needed.

Skin care after treatment is similar to a sun burn: Cool compresses, baby shampoo cleansing, and Aquaphor lubrication.

Burning discomfort usually lasts 2-3 hours. Peeling/flaking will vary, lasting from several days to several weeks. For up to 6 weeks, your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight.

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