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Silhouette InstaLift Syracuse

I am pleased to offer the innovative true “lunch time” facelift!

What is InstaLift?

Done under only local anesthesia, and usually taking less than 1 hour, InstaLift deploys a special absorbable suture to lift and support the annoying areas of your face that have begun to droop.

As InstaLift sutures absorb over time, your body replaces the suture with collagen and connective tissue that continues to provide natural support for your features.

Who should consider InstaLift?

While InstaLift can help almost anyone, it works best in a person who has relatively early droop, especially around your eyes, your nasal fold, or early jowls. It works better if you don’t have “Bulldog jowls.” While InstaLift won’t replace traditional facelift surgery, it is a strong option for those who want to avoid surgery. It may also be combined with other treatments at the same time, or in stages.

How is it done?

In the sitting position, the lines of needed support are identified and marked. For each suture to be deployed, 3 marks are used to identify the areas to be lifted and the areas to support the lift. Each of these points is then injected with a small amount of local anesthetic.

Your face is cleansed with an antiseptic. The anesthetized center mark for each suture is punctured with a needle. The InstaLift suture is deployed into the area to be lifted and the area providing the lift. The layer where the sutures are deployed has no nerve endings. If you experience pain, SAY SOMETHING, and I’ll adjust where the suture is being deployed.

Once all the sutures have been deployed, the areas to be lifted are massaged over the suture, where small cones that are part of the suture “engage” the tissue, similar to a zip tie. The protruding portions of suture are trimmed, and you can look in the mirror to see your immediate result!


While you see immediate results, you do need to take some care to achieve your best result.

While bruising is not common, it is always possible. Cold compresses will help to reduce bruising and minimize any swelling. Some dimpling of your skin is possible, but usually resolves in 7-10 days.

Because it takes time for your body to heal and permanently engage the suture, you need to limit vigorous high impact activity, such as jogging, or face down massage for 2-3 weeks. Low impact aerobics, such as walking or cycling, are fine.
In general, you will need to use common sense.

Long Term

The long term efficacy will depend on your body’s reaction to the connective tissue created in response to the InstaLift suture. Clinical experience with InstaLift in Europe and here in the USA is limited to 1-2 years at this time. As with any treatment, individual results will vary.

Based on past experience, due to facial animation, I anticipate the results for midface support will be more lasting than the results at your jowl. In these animated areas, supplemental treatments, such as ThermiSmooth, may be used to “re-tighten” the relaxed InstaLift-induced collagen.

As always, there are always new therapies in development. As a collaborative effort, I will always work with you to develop, review, and implement a treatment plan that continues to evolve as you needs evolve.


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