Plastique Facelift Syracuse

What is the Plastique Facelift

The Plastique Facelift is an in-office one-hour treatment that is totally NON-INVASIVE, with NO BRUSING, NO CUTTING, NO NEEDLES, NO DOWNTIME and NO SURGERY! If you’re looking for youthful skin with a natural non-pulled result, the Plastique Facelift is for you. The Plastique Facelift technology is exclusively offered at the office of Dr. Denis Branson.

Am I A Candidate?

If you feel younger than the reflection in the mirror, you’re a candidate for the Plastique Facelift.


Each treatment is customized to each patient. The most common treatment area is from the collar bone to your forehead. Many patients require more than one treatment, while some require just 1 treatment.

What can I expect after a treatment?

Initially you see brief redness, usually lasting less than 60 minutes. Some of our patients are out to dinner right after treatment and resume daily activity immediately. You may continue your daily skin care regime the next day.
Your appearance improves over time, reducing sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring moisture and elasticity to your skin. Some patients see dramatic results immediately, while others heal into the results. Improvements can be seen up to a year.

Are there other areas I can use Plastique?

Plastique is not just for faces. While face and neck are our most popular treatment area, any area of your body can be treated. We’ve used Plastique to lift sagging breasts, and tighten your abdomen. Feel sexy and confident in your own skin from head to toe with Plastique!


Less than half of a surgical facelift.

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