Plastic Surgery Philosophy Syracuse

“There are many choices to treat looking older than you feel.”
“New treatments are always just around the corner.”

With the continuing evolution of lower risk treatments, my approach to facial rejuvenation stays the same. The tools and treatments I use continue to change.

My suggestions for you will be based on a simple promise: What I would suggest for a member of my family. You need to consider what is “enough” surgery, and what may be too much.

As we talk, we will consider your concerns, how others see you, and the balance between benefit and risk of any treatment.

Treatment will focus on two elements:
Texture and Proportion.

Individual results may vary.


Improved skin texture equals improved elasticity. Improving elasticity requires a combination of prevention, maintenance, and treatment.

Prevention includes controlling UV exposure and avoiding tobacco. Maintenance involves a skin care program of sun protection, exfoliation, and collagen stimulation.

Treatment stimulates new collagen through a controlled injury to your skin. There are exciting new alternatives for treatment, which will be discussed during your consultation.


Improving your facial proportions may:

  • Reduce volume excess, such as using UltraSculpt® to remove excess fat beneath your chin.
  • Restore missing volume, using either your own tissue (such as fat) or other filler (like Sculptra®)
  • Improve support, using treatments such as Contour Threads™ to “lift” sagging cheeks, brow, jowl or neck.
  • Remove excess skin when skin tightening alone isn’t enough. In my experience, traditional facelift is rarely necessary.

Individual results may vary.


Before your visit, spend some time with your mirror. Focus on what bothers you in the mirror. Make a written list of concerns and questions.

Bring old pictures. By examining your changing appearance over time, I can better prepare a suggested treatment plan.

New Treatments Introduced to CNY
By Dr. Branson:

  • Contour ThreadLift™
  • Endoscopic Plastic Surgery
  • Plasma Skin Regeneration
  • IPL/Vasculight Skin Rejuvenation
  • CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • MesoFill / MesoLift
  • Ultrasonic & Pulsed Ultrasonic Liposuction
    • Body
    • Face


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