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Melanoma is 100% curable if found before it invades the dermis.  Melafind is a new FDA approved tool that helps me assess the melanoma risk of a suspicious pigmented lesion .

While long clinical experience,  I can differentiate between most benign and malignant pigmented lesions. Even with my experience, I cannot guarantee that I will find every melanoma.  Melafind helps to improve the odds of early detection.

How does it work?

Melafind takes a picture of your lesion using seven wavelengths of light.  Using a computer algorithm, the picture is analyzed, giving a score for risk of melanoma.

Does it always work?

No.  Melafind is a tool that helps screen risk.  It does not diagnose melanoma.  When analyzing lesions, Melafind will error on the side of estimating a higher risk.  Melafind is a tool that augments clinical judgment for your best health outcome. This means that not all lesions removed will be cancer.

Who should consider Melafind?

Anyone with a suspicious pigmented mole.  Your initial screening will be done by your family doctor.  There are two common groups of patients: Those with numerous pigmented lesions, or those with pigmented lesions that have changed.

Melafind can be used to assess lesions from 2-22 mm in size, but cannot be used in area of prior surgery.


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