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Contour Threadlift Syracuse

Brow, Cheek, Chin & Neck

The “Beauty” of the Contour Lift

“As you age, your family genetics will determine how fast and how far your cheeks, chin, and eye brows will sag. Until now, invasive surgery was your only treatment option.”

Using the Contour Threads™, your drooping facial features are gently lifted upward, restoring a more natural, relaxed, fresh appearance. Contour Lift™ can be combined with other minimally invasive treatments, such as fat injection or jawlift. When indicated, the combined procedures can create a synergistic rejuvenation, which means your overall look is greatly enhanced.

Final placement of sutures.

Contour Threads™ are placed in the direction of desired support. Typically, only a local anesthesia is needed.The Contour Thread “catches” your soft tissues, lifting sagging cheeks or brows into a more natural, relaxed position.

Are YOU a candidate?

Both men and women of any age who want a more youthful appearance are candidates for the Contour Lift, though the best candidates are those with more limited droop. Contour Threads™ are currently approved by the FDA for lifting your brow, cheek and neck. Experience has shown that lifting your cheek can also improve the appearance of loose skin beneath your chin.

Clinical studies have shown dramatic improvement for neck lifting as well.

How Do they work?

When you stroke velvet in one direction, it feels soft and supple. When brushed the opposite direction, your hand “catches” against the grain of the velvet. Like velvet, Contour Threads™ have small cogs that glide easily beneath your skin.

Contouring of tissue.

Contour Threads are also used to elevate your drooping brow. When sagging tissue is “lifted,” the Contour Thread™ cogs create a firm hold on your tissues.

Contour lift of brow using sutures.

Your lifted cheek or brow can be contoured, creating a natural, youthful appearance. Over time your body generates new collagen around the Contour Threads™. This new collagen helps maintain your lift.

Contour Lift: The Procedure

Contour Lift™ is usually performed under local anesthesia, but light sedation can also be used. The length of the procedure will depend on the number of threads you need. A typical treatment will take about 60 minutes. Incisions are usually so small that skin stitches are not needed.


In most cases, there is minimal discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Cold compresses are recommended. You can usually return to normal activities (including work) within 1-7 days. Initially, you may have some gathered skin, which can be concealed by choice of hair style. Over several weeks, you body “absorbs” this excess.

Does it last?

In general, your appearance 6 months after Contour Lift will be permanent. Because every day makes you a day older, future changes are likely the result of continued aging. If your family tends to age more slowly, your result will likely be more lasting.

Other Procedures

Your individual needs will help determine whether other treatments can (or should) be combined with your Contour Lift.

Over time, your aesthetic needs may require more aggressive treatment. Contour Lift does not interfere with any treatment you may need in the future.


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