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“Baby” Facelift: Natural Rejuvenation Syracuse

“Baby Facelift” is the new evolution in the revolution for natural facial rejuvenation. It follows a new paradigm, focused on dynamic improvement in your appearance. “Baby Facelift” treats aging like an injury.

While this is a very new treatment, early results have been very encouraging, including treatment of lip lines, “the 11’s,” cheek, nasal fold, and hands.

“Baby facelift” is also helpful for treatment of cystic acne and thick scars.

The Treatment

Baby Facelift is the injection of human chorion into the treatment area. This may be done alone, in combination with other treatment or surgery. Chorion is part of the placenta

Scientific Basis of Treatment

In the laboratory, chorion has been shown to have several important effects: 1. Angiogenesis, 2. Attraction of migrating stem cells, and 3. Release of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents.

In clinical applications, chorion has been shown to facilitate healing of diabetic foot ulcers. In one study, 80% of chorion treated ulcers healed within 6 weeks, while only 10% healed with conventional treatment. Chorion has also been used to accelerate healing of burns, as well as speed the healing of skin graft donor sites in burn patients. Chorion injections have been shown to repair cartilage in arthritic joints. It has also been used to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis.

In patients treated, ultrasound shows that significant improvement is possible in your treated skin & subcutaneous tissues.

Where and Why do I Suggest this Treatment?

I recommend Baby Facelift for areas of dynamic activity: Your nasolabial folds (connecting your nose-to-the-corner of your mouth-to-your chin), deep lip lines, glabellar lines (“The 11’s”), the hollow beneath your eyes and cheek. Baby Facelift has also proven effective for rejuvenating your hands.

My research has shown that your pre-treatment skin quality varies significantly from place to place on your face. Typically, the poorest quality skin is at the fold connecting your nose & mouth. This is also the area most patients feel need improvement. This is also one of the most animated areas of your appearance, moving as you smile, frown, kiss, etc.

Traditional treatments either puff or pull. This often results in changing your appearance, possibly creating the look of the late Joan Rivers or Kenny Rodgers.

My goal is to create a natural, dynamic result that responds the way your skin did when you were younger.


There are three ways to use this treatment: Just beneath your skin, injected into your skin, or mixed with another procedure. With rare exception, the treatment is done by injection.

Placed beneath your skin, my goal is to stimulate restoration and repair of the network of blood vessels just below you skin, improving circulation to your skin. By attracting migrating stems cells, the goal is for these stem cells to help restore the quality of the skin and surrounding support structures.

Placed in your skin my goal is to stimulate repair of the skin with a more permanent, dynamic skin quality. While I believe it may be helpful for general skin quality, the initial targeted treatments will be for deep lip lines, the glabellar “11’s,” and acne scars. It may also play a role in treating acute inflammatory acne outbreaks associated with deep scars.

In combination with other treatment,
the goal is to augment the results of treatment. This is helpful in two ways: For grafting procedures, such as fat injection, or to help limit scarring either in sensitive patients or in those with a history of keloid.

For fat graft/injection patients, this treatment may be used at three times: Before, during, or after fat injection. Of the three, I believe that pre-treatment may provide the most benefit. Pre-treatment will help increase the blood supply (angiogenesis) and the available stem cells for healing. This can create a “more receptive” recipient site. During and after fat injection, the effects can be the same, but in terms of the biggest anticipated “bang for your buck,” I believe pre-treatment is preferred.

Your Decision:

While I am excited about the potential natural, dynamic potential for this treatment on your appearance, this is NOT yet an accepted therapy. Based on other applications and experience to date, there does not appear to be any unusual risks of treatment. Like any other treatment, risks include, but are not limited to, bleeding, infection, scarring, and swelling at the treatment site.

You must feel comfortable with your decision for treatment, balancing your potential benefits against the risk of treatment, including the chance that it may not meet your expectation. More than one treatment may be needed. While I hope for a permanent result, you will continue to age, which means maintenance treatments will be necessary.


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