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ExoLift & ExoHair, exclusively at the offices of Dr. Denis Branson, is a treatment focusing on natural improvement of your face (and other areas of your body). ExoLift, a non-surgical skin rejuvenation offers patients the best aesthetic balance between your facial structure and improvement of targeted areas.  ExoHair is natural way to stimulate re-growth of your natural hair. This can only be accomplished as a result of my years of experience, critical eye, and the ability to create symmetry.  Finally, a treatment that offers more permanent, natural results.  

What areas are treated?


  • Eyes: Eyelid laxity, crow’s feet
  • The hollow beneath your eyes and cheek.  
  • Nasolabial fold (connecting your nose to the corner of your mouth and chin)
  • Deep lip lines
  • Glabellar lines (the “11’s” on your forehead in between your eyes)
  • Cheeks to lift and give volume.
  • Neck/Chin 


  • Anywhere you have lost hair
  • Increase hair caliber (diameter)
  • Increase hair numbers
  • Can re-wake hair follicles in bald areas

The goal is to stimulate rejuvenation with a more permanent, dynamic tissue quality, unlike the results with botulinum toxins, which offer only a short-term result.

How is the treatment performed?

Each area is injected using the same tiny needle used for insulin, and is given with a mild anesthetic, similar to what you receive at a dental office. 

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients only need 1 treatment on each targeted area.  

What can I expect after treatment?

You can expect to see some puffiness, and possible bruising, much like you would see after having other injectables.  Most of my patients feel comfortable going out the very next day.

When can I expect to see results?

Improvement occurs over time, with maximum results 1 year.  Many patients see improvement within a few weeks.  Because it is a natural change, you are more likely to have friends and relatives, comment “you look great” but without quite being able to identify what’s different. Several of my patients have commented that their spouse was unsure about their treatment, but they were now thrilled with the results because they look much better, but didn’t look different

ExoHair growth is typically seen within 8 to 10 weeks, but as early as 4 weeks 

How do I maintain my results?

For many, it’s not a matter of maintenance, but rather additional treatment.

Every patient is an individual.  Some patients do not need re-treatments for a few years, while others desire a touch-up after a year.  You continue to age, so additional treatments will eventually be desirable.

Can the ExoLift treat other areas?

The ExoLift can help with superficial or deep treatment. While it is not yet a cure, therapy has been helpful for baggy knees, aging hands, and crepe skin of the inner arms. Most treatments work best starting with deeper tissue rejuvenation. 


Aside from the risk with any injection, the effect of ExoLift on tumor cells is unknown. Equal arguments can be made for the ExoLift stimulating cancer, suppressing cancer, or having no effect. With local injections, unless there are tumor cells present in the area, I believe the risk is small. For someone with either a personal or a strong family history of cancer, you need to be very thoughtful as you contemplate treatment.

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