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Thermi RF: Aesthetic Radiofrequency

The Thermi family of radiofrequency (RF) treatments addresses a wide range of aesthetic and functional concerns. Like a microwave cooking an egg, Thermi energy causes your collagen (and other tissue) to contract. Thermi can beboth a non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment.


Non-invasive treatment has the potential for dramatic improvement with minimal downtime. The key word is potential. In general, for non-invasive treatment, a third of patients will see the dramatic change, a third will see moderate change, and a third may see subtle change. Based on my experience, I will try to help assess what type of response you are likely to experience.

ThermiSmooth: Best used for delicate, smaller areas, like your eyelids and lip lines. This triggers heating in the skin, which results in tightening of collagen. In contrast to Thermage, ThermiSmooth is temperature-controlled, resulting in greater control, patient safety and comfort, as well as improved results. Most commonly done as a series of 4 treatments, there is virtually no down time and minimal discomfort.For eyelids, some patients have seen enough skin tightening to delay surgery. Often, post-op eyelid patients still have lax skin beneath the brow. ThermiSmooth can tighten that loose skin.Results develop over several months. Results can last 2 years or longer.

Thermi 250: Recently approved by the FDA, Thermi 250 can be used to treat cellulite, tighten skin for your face, and almost any area or your body. In my experience, Thermi 250 offers results equal to Ultherapy with much less pain.Because Thermi 250 can treat deep into your tissue, creating deeper levels of tissue tightening and support. That means Thermi 250 can help lift your breasts, tighten your tummy, or support your butt. I have found Thermi 250 to augment the results of traditional tummy tuck & breast lift surgery as well. Thermi 250 can also reduce fat volume similar to CoolSculpt.For cellulite, Thermi 250 can help the more superficial “cheesy” cellulite. Deeper cellulite is better treated by ThermiTight.

ThermiVa: Get the conversation started! ThermiVa may well be the feminine answer to Viagara. Functionally, this can reduce day-to-day intimate dryness and pain, as well as urinary leakage when you laugh or cough. Intimately, women find greater satisfaction as measured by frequency and intensity of climax. Your partner also experiences greater stimulation and satisfaction. Treatment is about 30 minutes, with minimal discomfort. Improvement starts almost immediately. A series of three treatments is usual.

Minimally Invasive

ThermiTight: Using a small blunt probe, energy is delivered beneath your skin. Energy is delivered in a 5mm area around the tip of the probe. Compared to other RF treatments, Thermi is temperature controlled. Targeted “injected” energy tightens skin, as well as the fibers connecting you skin to the underlying tissues. Treatment is monitored by thermal imaging for safety and to help ensure a uniform result. While the neck and jawline are the most common treated areas, ThermiTight can also tighten loose skin almost anywhere on your body. While arms, knees, or tummy are common, I have used Thermi to treat other areas, such as your ankles. While there is no “cure” for cellulite, ThermiTight can improve both the broad superficial cellulite as well as the deeper cellulite. Treatment is done with local anesthesia. For anxious patients, minimal sedation may be used. Treatment is done using a small volume of an anesthetic solution injected in the affected area.

ThermiDry: For those suffering from excessive sweating in your axilla (armpit), ThermiDry uses Thermi radiofrequency to suppress overactive sweat glands.If you have had success with Botox, you can expect a more lasting result with ThermiDry. Treatment is similar to ThermiTight using local anesthesia, using thermal imaging to monitor for result and safety.

ThermiRase: This is a form of permanent Botox. The affected nerve(s) are mapped with a nerve stimulator. The affected nerve is then ablated with the probe in direct contact with the nerve. For best results, several points along the nerve are treated. While the result can be permanent, there is always the chance of nerve regeneration.


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