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The treatments below may not be considered as part of traditional plastic & reconstructive surgery.  But just as the first kidney transplant was performed by a plastic surgeon, I offer access to these therapies based on my personal experience and personal research. As always, I won’t offer something that I haven’t or wouldn’t use for myself or a member of my family.  As you make your decision, you should never proceed with a therapy unless you feel comfortable with the balance of risks vs benefits of treatment.

Argon Plasma: Pain management/Wound care

Argon plasma is approved by the FDA for cutting & coagulation during surgery.  When used in a non-ablative mode, plasma can be effective for pain and wound care.

  • Pain: Plasma works best for sympathetic mediated pain, which is part of the protective reflex where when touching something hot, your hand is moving away before registering as hot.
    • Examples of treatable pain include back pain, shingles pain, post-op pain, and burning pain.
    • Treatment takes only minutes. When plasma works, it can be miraculous.  If it doesn’t work, it hasn’t made the pain worse.
    • Pain relief can last hours to months, or even permanent relief
    • It does not block “necessary” pain that prevents further injury
  • Wounds: Plasma can be used to both debride wounds, as well as treat bacteria and biofilms
    • Treatment can reduce bacterial load by 4-6 log. Like the Richter scale for earthquake, this is a SIGNIGICANT change, especially for wounds in diabetics.

Placental Derived Tissues

I have used both chorionic tissue and exosomes.  The chorion is the sack surrounding the fetus.  Exosomes are the “business” portion of a stem cell.  Both target inflammation and stimulate healing.  Chorionic tissue attracts your own circulating stem cells, which then triggers the healing process.  To get exosomes, stem cells are collected from human placentas donated from c-sections.  The stem cells are grown in culture, with the exosomes produced collected.  On average, 1cc of the solution used contains over 10 billion exosomes.  In general, exosomes have been used for aesthetic applications (see Injectable Facelift), chronic non-healing wounds, soft tissue injury, joint pain, repetitive motion injuries, and inflammation.  In particular, there is anecdotal experience for improvements below:

  • Aesthetic: See Injectable Facelift
  • Hair loss/Thinning Hair
  • Migraine: Like Botox, injections are done at the trigger points. Example: Patient experiencing 50-70% migraine days per month
  • Joint pain: My personal experience is limited to smaller joints in the hand, but results were dramatic
  • Wound healing: Especially chronic wounds, such as Diabetic ulcers
  • Systemic Conditions/Treatments
    • General Well being
      • Improved energy
      • May see improved skin quality
    • Autism
    • Attention Deficit Disordere
    • Cognitive disorders (Alzheimers)
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Pulmonary fibrosis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis


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