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The treatments below may not be considered as part of traditional plastic & reconstructive surgery.  But just as the first kidney transplant was performed by a plastic surgeon, I offer access to these therapies based on my personal experience and personal research. As always, I won’t offer something that I haven’t or wouldn’t use for myself or a member of my family.  As you make your decision, you should never proceed with a therapy unless you feel comfortable with the balance of risks vs benefits of treatment.

Argon Plasma: Pain management/Wound care

Argon plasma is approved by the FDA for cutting & coagulation during surgery.  When used in a non-ablative mode, plasma can be effective for pain and wound care.

  • Pain: Plasma works best for sympathetic mediated pain, which is part of the protective reflex where when touching something hot, your hand is moving away before registering as hot.
    • Examples of treatable pain include back pain, shingles pain, post-op pain, and burning pain.
    • Treatment takes only minutes. When plasma works, it can be miraculous.  If it doesn’t work, it hasn’t made the pain worse.
    • Pain relief can last hours to months, or even permanent relief
    • It does not block “necessary” pain that prevents further injury
  • Wounds: Plasma can be used to both debride wounds, as well as treat bacteria and biofilms
    • Treatment can reduce bacterial load by 4-6 log. Like the Richter scale for earthquake, this is a SIGNIFICANT change, especially for wounds in diabetics.

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