Breast Reduction Syracuse

“Do you experience back, neck, shoulder or breast pain?”
“You may be a candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery.”

My goal is to remove excess breast weight while preserving breast gland (milk producing) tissue.

Removing breast tissue improves your symptoms, but may not eliminate all your symptoms. Removing breast tissue alone relieves pain. Removing breast tissue and excess breast skin helps lift your breast as well.


Liposuction and Ultrasonic Resection

Breast tissue removal is accomplished by either liposuction or by ultrasonic liposuction. Only one or two small incisions are required for either technique.

Most of your breast is fat, supported by bands of fibrous tissue. Ultrasonic liposuction “loosens” the connection between these fibrous bands and your breast fat, which is then vacuumed away, making your breast smaller.

While excess breast skin is not removed, a natural “tightening” of the skin occurs after this procedure. The extent of skin tightening can be dramatic, but is not always predictable. While there is no evidence that ultrasonic energy can cause breast cancer, it may take 30 years (or longer) to definitively establish if there is any increased risk. It is possible that retained breast fat may leave shadows on a mammogram that could be confused with early signs of breast cancer.

Open reduction removes both excess breast tissue and excess breast skin. Removing excess skin results in a scar that circles your nipple, then from your nipple to the fold under your breast, and possibly in the fold under your breast.

Initially, your breasts may look or feel “unnatural.” With rare exception, by 3 months you will have a more “natural” shape and “feel.”


Surgery is performed as an out-patient procedure. Your breasts are marked before surgery. To remove any blood or fluid collecting after surgery, drainage tubes may be placed in your breasts during surgery. Drains are typically removed before you are discharged from the hospital.

Your old brassiere is used as part of your dressing. The difference between what you were and your new breast size is made up with gauze.

Before discharge from the hospital, you must meet certain simple criteria: your pain must be controlled by oral pain medication, you must be able to eat or drink, get up without feeling dizzy, and be able to go to the bathroom.


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