Argon Plasma: Pain Relief Without Drugs Syracuse

The “Holy Grail” of pain relief is needle-free and drug-free. We have taken a big step in that direction. The secret? Argon plasma using PlasmaJet in Syracuse. Before you celebrate, there are some things you need to know.

Pain Qualities

Not all pain is created equal. Argon plasma works best on sympathetic-mediated pain. You know how when you touch something hot, your hand is moving away before your brain registers it’s hot? That’s controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. It’s very fast, but not very smart. When faced with certain stimuli, your sympathetic nerves can signal pain to your brain far in excess of the stimulus. Sympathetic pain often has a burning/aching quality.

Sympathetic pain is common with a variety of conditions, including low back pain, post-op pain, pain during/after shingles, migraine headaches, and sinus problems (to name a few). Plasma has also proved effective for Raynaud’s phenomena.

Pain Relief: Argon Plasma (PlasmaJet)

PlasmaJet delivers pulses of ionized argon gas. There is no needle, no medication. The painful area(s) are treated, but there is no contact with your skin. There is no electrical current to your skin.

Does plasma always work? No. But when it works, it feels like magic. I have treated patients with pain scores of 10/10 whose pain resolved (0/10) within 5 minutes of treatment.

Immediate pain complete relief is common, but often continues to improve over several hours. Relief can last from hours to days, and weeks to months. Multiple treatments often extend the duration of relief. Many patients experience permanent relief.

Success stories sampler

Low back pain: After 1 treatment, his golf score went from the triple digits to the low 70’s. Maintenance treatment every 6 months.

Neck pain: 1. Arthritic neck pain was reduced 50%. Maintenance every 3 months.
2. Neck pain reduced 100% short term (4-6 weeks). 50% longer-term recovery

Shingles pain: 1. Chronis pain for 5 years refractory to medication. Three treatments every 3-4 weeks: 100% resolution
2. Acute shingles outbreak: Concurrent weekly treatment blocked pain 90%

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: 1. Patient receiving $2000 Botox every 3 months under anesthesia for 20+ years gains 100% relief lasting several days. Plasma does not replace Botox but controls her pain for the days following injection previously requiring moderate doses of opiates.
2. Scoliosis patient with loosening hardware barely able to limp into the office walked out pain-free after treatment.

Migraine: Patient with acute migraine pain 10/10 requiring darkened room. Trigger sites treated less than 5 minutes with 100% resolution pain

Raynaud’s Phenomena: Patient would need to wear gloves to shop for refrigerated items, fingertips purple/flaccid/painful. Treatment yielded pink/puffy/painless for 6 months.

Dental braces: Adult nurse with braces having pain 8/10. Treated, with immediate pain relief. Went home & ate 3 ears of corn on the cob (No surprise-the pain came back)

Sinusitis: Patient with a history of 12+ sinus surgeries. Inhaling the argon plasma re-opened her sinuses and restored her sense of smell. Maintenance treatments are done as needed

Argon Plasma NY

History of Argon Plasma for Pain

PlasmaJet is FDA approved for cutting and coagulation during surgery. The benefit of reduced post-op pain was noted. Surface treatments were then performed, with the relief of pain quickly documented.


PlasmaJet Argon Plasma is not yet FDA approved for pain. These treatments are considered “off-label,” which is when a device approved for one indication is used for another. For example, liposuction was performed for almost 10 years before the equipment was approved for “liposuction.” This means insurance will not cover your cost of treatment.

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